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Export Raw Data Reports

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While OmniReference Desk has some very nice built-in reporting capability with the option to view charts and run reports from individual forms, we know you might want to do more with your data. To export the raw data from each of the reference deskĀ ticks, simply click on “Stats” in the main navigation bar and then “Export” from the left sidebar.

Navigate to Raw Data Export

The next step is to select the Beginning and End Dates for the data you’d like to export.

Select Dates

The last step is to select the data you would like export. There are 3 options:

  • Ticks – Each tick (or form submission) includes data on the Location, Desk, Contact Method, Form, User, Time Spent, and Time of Record.
  • Fields – This report includes all of the formĀ data from your custom forms. This report will include a row for each form field which can produce more than one row per Tick.
  • Both – Using this option you can export each Tick as a single row, however, all of the custom form data will be combined into a single column.

Select Data to Export